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The feelings of new adventures, expectations, pregnancy, giving birth, the first priceless moments with your newborn baby, the speed with which your baby grows up, the family happiness … These are one by one moments where you want to capture the time and emotions forever and keep them in a little box. There is no better way to cherish these moments than to have them captured on photo. And that is exactly what I do as a photographer. There is no better way to cherish these moments than to have them captured on photo. And that is exactly what I do as a photographer.

It is my goal to capture your family moments, exactly as they are. Let you experience the pure beauty of yourself and your family. To make time stand still for a moment and enjoy the here & now. But especially the feeling that you can relive the moment thanks to the photos I make.

I adore to photograph pregnant women, newborn babies, the most important milestones of little children and the real family moments. My job in photographing these wonderful moments goes much further than just taking pictures. I capture an unique moment in time and the emotions that go with it. You will cherish these photos a lifetime …

Photography by Joke Van Eeghem

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Joke Van Eeghem
Pregnancy Photographer

Pregnancy Photography

Like almost every mom-to-be I’ve had in front of my camera, you may also be a bit shy in front of the camera. Especially now that you are between seven and nine months pregnant. How could it be any different? Your body has changed enormously in the last few months, your baby is low in your belly, the hormones are running through your body … Believe me, I know the feeling!

You look amazing! You are gorgeous! Right now you are at the absolute pinnacle of natural, feminine beauty. You radiate new life and you are totally sexy. I want to perpetuate this appearance and that feeling for you so you can cherish it forever.

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Newborn photography

The moment your baby is born, your life changes forever. Before giving birth, you are who you are, but as soon as your baby is born, an overwhelming transformation takes place. At that moment your complete reason for existence changes completely. It is as if a whole new world is opening up for you and suddenly your life before the arrival of your baby was not that special at all!

Like every newborn parent, you have your hands full, of course with your baby, but also with everything that comes with it. A photo shoot may not be the first thing you think and / or feel like, but believe me … Time goes so fast and it is really worth your time to stand still and enjoy the moment. I want you to perpetuate that feeling and cherish it forever. I want you to perpetuate that feeling and cherish it forever.

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Baby- & Child Photography

Like any mom, you probably are very proud of your baby! Between 0 and 1 year old they grow so incredibly fast. They go from lying down, to sitting down, to crawling, to walking in 1 year! You therefore live from one milestone to the other, and before you know it, you no longer remember how enthusiastic you were when he / she could sit or stand alone for the first time! But even after your child has reached the age of 1, they obviously are beautiful to photograph. They are unique at every age and you would like to can and keep them with you forever. Thanks to a children’s photo session you can capture that feeling and capture it forever.

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Family Photography

When was the last time all of you put all phones aside and really enjoy each others company as a family? Playing together in the forest, blowing bubbles, running in the dunes, playing tag, really enjoying each others company. Such a magical feeling, living and enjoying the here and now. That magical feeling should be your reason for a family photo session. These feelings should be recorded on a photo. So you can not only enjoy it now, but enjoy these great memories years from now with your children!

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