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The moment your baby is born, your life changes forever. Before giving birth, you are who you are, but as soon as your baby is born, an overwhelming transformation takes place. At that moment your complete reason for existence changes completely. It is as if a whole new world is opening up for you and suddenly your life before the arrival of your baby was not that special at all!

During your newborn photo shoot I take everything off your hands. You get the chance to take a break and realize what a wonderful miracle you have created. Depending on the package chosen, photos will be taken of your baby alone, of the baby with sister(s)/brother(s) and/or with mom and dad during the newborn photo shoot. I want to photograph the proud and loving feelings between mom, dad and baby. These wonderful moments that are impossible to describe with words. They say that a photo says so much more than words, I promise you that these photos will reflect the essence of your band.

You may not be eager to get your picture taken, but think about how great it would be to see yourself in the photos in 10 years’ time. I have a lot of pictures of my son alone, but it’s the pictures I’m on that I cherish the most. Your child will be very proud of his/her handsome mom and dad! If you like, you can choose a dress from my collection and I will be happy to arrange hair and make-up for you. And of course I have various accessories to make the photo shoot unique. This is how we create the most beautiful photos of your brand new family.



My goal during my photo shoots is not only to take pictures. The point is that you can enjoy your baby in peace during your newborn photo shoot. These photos are priceless, because this moment will never come back.

I think it is important to have a photo shoot fully meet your wishes. That is why I have prepared 2 different packages.

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