Maternity Gowns


I have different, specialized maternity dresses in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. They are handmade and make every pregnant woman shine. Of course I also have dozens of wraps and other accessories that we can use during your session. For our photo session we’ll discuss which dresses suit you best. It is also possible to come and fit and choose your dresses by appointment.

Didn’t find the outfit of your dreams? Then you have 2 options, either you bring your own outfit, or you ask me about my collection wishlist (because of course I can never have enough dresses!) … Do you find your dream dress through one of my suppliers? Then you can order the dress and I will gladly buy the dress from you. I give you the value of that dress as a credit for photo products. A win-win for both of us!

The most important advice is to wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Always wear neutral colored and well-fitting / supportive underwear. And choose well-fitting shoes (both with the outfit and for your feeling).

Let yourself be pampered too, keep in mind that this pregnancy is a unique moment in your life, and that this moment and you are worthy to go to the hairdresser and hire a make-up artist. I would also be happy to arrange that for you!

My complete collection of dresses can be found via .
Of course you’re free to use the gowns for free during the session, there’s no need to rent them.

Styling for partners & children

After we have chosen your outfit together, it is also your partner and children turn. You are of course central during the photo shoot, but the photos are not complete without your partner and children. It is therefore best that their outfit matches your outfit nicely. I would be happy to help you choose their outfits. The colors do not have to be exactly the same, it is always best when there are different but matching shades.

The same style as your outfit is of course important. If you opt for a formal dress, it is important that your partner / children are also formally dressed. Are you dressed casually? Then your partner / children can also wear simple clothes. The ultimate emphasis of the photos should not be on the outfits, but on the emotions and love. So certainly do not wear striking clothing.

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