Create the most beautiful family photos with a magical Christmas touch!

As a photographer, it is incredibly important to me to be able to give families access to beautiful photographs. For these photos reflect memories that may be cherished to the fullest. Both you and your children throughout their lives. This moment should be celebrated! Because among the everyday busyness, it can be hard to consciously think about what a wonderful family you have.

Like almost every family I have had in front of my camera, it may be your first time in front of the lens of a professional photographer & you may have some jitters in your stomach …

But no worries … It is my passion to put you at ease, to take a playful approach to the shoot, to make you shine & meanwhile, of course, make beautiful memories.

Christmas Tree Farm

On Saturday, Nov. 11 & Sunday, Nov. 12! The annual Christmas shoots, traditionally the most fun photo shoots of the year! This time I have 2 different dates/locations. So that you have even more opportunities to schedule your photo shoot.
On Saturday, Nov. 11, we will meet at a Christmas tree farm in Zemst. On Sunday, November 12, I can be found in Leuven for this fun photo shoot! It is the ideal photo shoot for taking your annual Christmas photos with the whole family! Perfect for Christmas presents & your Christmas cards of course!

This photo shoot will last about 20 min, plenty of time to create gems of you!

A few days after your photo shoot, you will receive an online gallery with a wide selection of the photos I took of you. From these you may choose your favorite photos. There are 5 digital photos included in this photo shoot, but definitely feel free to choose any additional photos, these can of course be ordered in addition. Should you have e.g. Interested in a canvas or photo book, you can order that too through the online gallery.

Your selected photos will then be edited one by one by hand, and sent to you digitally within the week.

The Christmas Tree Farm shoot is available for only 165€!

Some photos for inspiration

Hi! I am Joke

As a photographer specializing in newborn & maternity photography, my goal is to capture your unique moments. I want you to experience the pure beauty of yourself and your family. My goal during a photo shoot is to make time stand still for a moment so you can fully enjoy the here & now. But most of all, I want to create pictures so you can relive this moment forever.

Of course I understand that a professional photographer cannot always be a part of your life (it would be pretty crazy if you had someone following you at every event to photograph it he ;-)). Hence, I created presets! This way you can also turn your own taken photos into gems!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Just to recap …

  • A photo shoot of 20 – 30 min.

  • The photo shoot on Nov. 11 will take place in Zemst. The photo shoot on Nov. 12 will take place in Leuven.

  • The photo shoot is available to everyone!

  • After the shoot, you will receive anonline photo gallery from which you can choose your photos

  • There are 5 digital photos included in the price

  • Any additional photos can be reordered. Opportunities are
    via this link

  • This photo shoot costs 165€.

Reserve your spot immediately!

Or do you still have questions? Then definitely don’t hesitate to email me :-). I am happy to help you!

November 11 – Zemst

November 12 – Leuven