Specialized newborn photographer in Brussels and surroundings

A posed newborn photoshoot is best planned when the baby is max. 14 days old. During this period the baby is still sleepy and flexible. Every baby is of course different; was your baby born prematurely? Then it is best to wait until he / she weighs about 3 kilos and is completely healthy. Was your baby born late and does he / she have a higher birth weight? Then we should plan the photo shoot as soon as possible. Most importantly, your baby should be ready to be photographed.

All posed newborn photo shoots take place in my photo studio in Vilvoorde, unless otherwise agreed.

Within the posed newborn photo shoots I offer 4 different packages:

Newborn Happiness (mini)

This photo report focuses entirely on the connection between mom or dad and the baby. Pictures are taken of the baby in the arms of the mom / dad.

  • Possible during current lockdown

  • In studio in Vilvoorde

  • Baby with mom or dad

  • 20 min photo shoot

  • Black background

  • 3 digital photos

  • Online gallery

  • Only possible as a mini-shoot ( see agenda )

  • 85 euro

Loving Arms

This photo shoot focuses entirely on the connection between the closest family and the baby. Pictures are taken of the baby in the arms of the mom, in the arms of the dad, together with mom and dad and of course also with brother (s) / sister (s). This session takes an average of 45 minutes *.

  • Baby with family

  • In studio in Vilvoorde

  • 45 min photo shoot

  • Choice of white or black background

  • 10 digital photos

  • Online gallery

  • 275 euro

Sweetly Swaddled

This photo session focuses entirely on the baby. First, pictures are taken of the baby when he / she is swaddled. This almost always makes babies very calm and I can continue taking pictures. I use beautiful, stylish accessories to put together an extensive series of photos for you. This session takes an average of 1.5 hours *.

  • Baby alone

  • In studio in Vilvoorde

  • 90 min photo shoot

  • Beanbag & prop poses

  • 20 digital photos

  • Online gallery

  • 500 euro

Cuteness Overload

This luxury photo shoot focuses on the baby as well as on its closest family (parents, brothers / sisters). First, the baby is swaddled (because this will calm him / her) and pictures are taken of the baby with the brothers / sisters and with the parents. Of course, a family portrait is also made. I like spontaneity in the photos, even though they are “posed”. And of course I will gladly help you pose! It can be difficult to photograph eg toddlers, especially when they are in their “no phase”. If I start with these photos and it doesn’t work immediately, I can still get them later during the photo shoot. Does it work immediately? Then, the children can go play.

After the family photos and the photos of mom with baby, dad with baby and parents with baby, I’m going to work with the baby alone. First photos are taken while he / she is swaddled, then I change the sets and can also use beautiful, stylish accessories to obtain an extensive range. This session takes an average of 2 hours *.

  • Combination of Loving Arms and Sweetly Swaddled

  • In Studio in Vilvoorde

  • 120 min photo shoot

  • 30 digital photos

  • Online gallery

  • 650 euro

I have 4 spots available for newborn photo shoots per month.

Before the photo shoot we will have extensive contact and discuss your wishes. My main goal is that you experience the photo shoot with complete confidence, and that it will be a fun and relaxed experience.

I think it is important to provide every customer with the most personal experience possible. That’s why I take on a limited number of newborn customers per month. To be sure of a spot, I advise you to contact me as soon as possible. Ideally, this is before delivery. This way we can plan your photo shoot exactly according to the date of birth. Has your baby been born yet? Contact me as soon as possible and I will try to find a hole in my agenda for you!

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I would absolutely love to photograph your newborn. Let me know what you find is important, and we’ll chat about the possibilities. I can’t wait to meet you!