Photo book Premium

This Premium album is an album with a linen cover. A sturdy album with a hard cover of quality linen and a flat spine. The corners of the cover are neatly finished and flow nicely into the endpapers on the inside. This album lends itself extremely well to the smallest performances. But also in the largest versions this is a beautiful timeless album.

Numerous linen colors are available for the cover, including a selection of natural light colours.

  • Handmade
  • Fuji Silk Paper – a semi-matt/silk photo paper with a light texture to protect and prevent (fat) fingerprints, incl. design / text
  • Top quality
  • Available in different sizes
  • Includes 10 spreads

Mentioned prices are incl. VAT

Delivery time is on average 2 weeks.

Available in different sizes or as a set.
20 x 20cm: 165 euros
30 x 30cm: 205 euros
SET (1x 30x30cm & 2x 20x20cm): 275 euros