Kerst Mini 2021


Op zoek naar de perfecte manier om iedereen een fantastische kerst en een gelukkig nieuwjaar toe te wensen? Wat dacht je van een geweldige mini-fotosessie met kerstthema om te gebruiken voor je gepersonaliseerde kaarten!   Wanneer? zaterdag 23 oktober 2021 Hoe laat? Tussen 8u - 13u  Voor wie? Voor kinderen   Hoe lang? Elke fotoshoot duurt ongeveer 15 minuten Prijs? 85 euro Waar? In m'n fotostudio te Leuvensestraat 86, 1800 Vilvoorde Inbegrepen? Online fotogalerij waaruit je je 3 favoriete foto’s kan downloaden in hoge resolutie + 5 gepersonaliseerde wenskaarten.  Extra foto’s, fotoproducten en kaarten kunnen bij interesse aangekocht worden.  

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Newborn baby – Model Call


Ik heb m'n studio uitgebreid met een nieuwe newborn posing tafel, heb verschillende nieuwe accessoires aangekocht én heb nieuwe newborn posing technieken geleerd, en ik wil uiteraard erg graag nieuwe foto's uitwerken. Om m’n portfolio met deze nieuwe ideeën voor newborn foto’s verder uit te breiden ben ik op zoek naar een meisje en jongen. De fotoshoot vindt plaats op woensdagochtend 2 juni of 9 juni, om 9u tot max. 12u. De baby mag max. 2 weken oud zijn (ideale leeftijd tussen de 7 en 14 dagen oud) op de dag van de shoot. De fotoreportage vind plaats in

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Calendar 2021


Did you know that I organize mini photo shoots on special occasions, such as communions, Mother's Day, Christmas ...? These are short sessions that take place at a set moment and location. On this page you will find an up-to-date overview of the upcoming mini-shoots! Interested? Sign up via the links below. Keep an eye on this page & my social media, because there are guaranteed to be extra mini-shoots in the agenda! May 2021 Mother's Day Special - Discount valid until May 1, 2021. Read more. Saturday May 1: Beach Mini shoots in the dunes & the beach

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Newborn Happiness – Baby Mini Shoots


During the "Newborn Happiness" mini-shoot, the relationship between your (newborn) baby and yourself is captured in my photo studio. The pure, real emotions and feelings are captured. It is the time to reflect on the beautiful miracle you have brought into the world. If more than 1 adult is allowed in my studio (depending on the corona measures), your partner is of course more than welcome. Then pictures are taken of mom with baby, dad with baby and both parents with baby. If there are brothers or sisters, we can also take a family photo. Please note, would you

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Pure Belly Pregnancy Mini Shoots


The "Pure Belly" Mini shoots show you how beautiful and sexy you are as a mommy-to-be. You can choose a dress from my collection to wear during the session. We will create beautiful lasting memories. When? Tuesday May 4, Thursday June 3, Tuesday July 6, Thursday September 2, Tuesday October 5, Tuesday November 9, Thursday December 2 What time? Between 7pm - 9pm For whom? For mothers-to-be (best plan when you are 7-8 months pregnant). How long? Each photo shoot lasts 20 minutes Price? 85 euro Where? In my photo studio at Koningslosteenweg 28, 1800 Vilvoorde Including? Online photo

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Lockdown 3.0 – Geldig tot er eindelijk een eind aan komt …


Er mogen meerdere personen in de studio aanwezig zijn. We zijn dus in de studio niet gebonden aan die regel ‘1 klant per 10 m²’. Let wel: die afwijking is niet onbeperkt: het moet gaan om: Personen die onder hetzelfde dak wonen Personen die elkaars knuffelcontact zijn Kinderen tot en met 12 jaar Buitenshuis op het openbaar domein magen we met 3 personen in openlucht tegelijk mogen fotograferen. Als particulier fotograaf mag je niet bij klanten thuis komen. Als newborn fotograaf volg ik de regels die van toepassing zijn op contactberoepen. Sinds 27 maart 2021 zijn contactberoepen

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Breastfeeding Guide


This list is a helpful guide to common foods to avoid while breastfeeding. These foods usually affect babies under 6 weeks of age. As your baby gets older, you can use the foods one at a time to see if it affects your baby. Every baby is different, so consult your pediatrician if you notice that your baby is experiencing too much colic. To make the photo shoot as smooth as possible, I recommend not to use the following foods at least 2 days in advance: Citric acid foods and drinks such as: cranberries Pineapple Grapefruit oranges lemons strawberries

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Checklist for a successful newborn photo shoot


2 days before the photo shoot If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating certain foods. See this blog post For more information. 1 day before the photo shoot Do not schedule any vaccinations on this day. Stimulate your baby so that she is extra tired the next day. The day of the photo shoot Feed your baby 3 hours before the photo shoot Try to keep your baby awake for the shoot, but not over-stimulate. Make sure the nappy is not too tight and that the clothes are loose and easy

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Clothing tips for a newborn photoshoot


Change your baby with a fresh, clean diaper before the photo shoot and final feed. Put it on loosely so that no pressure spots on the skin are visible. There is no need to dress your baby completely again. Just put on your baby a diaper and wrap him / her in a blanket or put your baby on comfortable clothes (which are easy to take off). Suppose the baby falls asleep during the feeding or the car ride, then we can still easily remove the clothes without having to wake the baby. This ensures a smoother transition. Would

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Preparation for a newborn session


As a parent of a newborn baby, everything is dominated by him / her. You are very grateful for your baby and of course you want to capture those first moments on photos. That way you can always recall those special memories later. I want our photo session to be a joyful experience, without stress. Because I know how stressful a photo shoot can be, especially if you have had little or no sleep, I have put together some tips to help you get through the preparation quickly. If something is not clear and / or you still have

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