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Photo Presets

Professionally transform your photos into gems in 1 click!

As a photographer, my passion is to provide (future) moms with beautiful photos. These photos represent precious memories that may be cherished forever. Whether everyday moments or major milestones, every moment deserves to be captured and cherished.

Do you sometimes miss a great photo of a special moment because of its quality? Maybe as a busy mom you don’t have time to give your photos that extra touch, or you don’t know where to start. Because as a photographer, I cannot always be present in your life, I have developed some bundles of presets that allow you to professionally edit your photos with just one click.

With my presets, you can enjoy the moment even more and look back on these precious memories later.

OriginalBlack & White Lover - B&W 1


Transform your photos in 1 click!

Have you heard of the photo editing program Lightroom? This allows you to make endless adjustments to your photos. And the great thing is that you can save those adjustments as presets, so you can use them again and again. So with just one press of a button, you can edit one photo, create a preset and then edit all your other photos the same way.

Thanks to my preset bundles, you can give your photos that extra “spark” with one click.

Wondering how it works?

  • Install the free Lightroom app on your phone.

  • Download the preset bundle and install it once in Lightroom.

  • Open your favorite photos in Lightroom.

  • Select the desired preset.

  • Save the edited photo and done!

Hi! I am Joke

As a professional photographer specializing in newborn and maternity photography, my mission is to capture your unique moments. I want to introduce you to the pure beauty of you and your family. During a photo shoot, I like to stop time for a moment so you can fully enjoy the here and now. But most importantly, I create photos that allow you to relive these moments forever.

Of course, I understand that a professional photographer can’t always be present in your life (that would be pretty special if someone was always walking around capturing every moment, right? πŸ˜‰ ). That’s why I developed presets that allow you to turn your own taken photos into gems too!

As a busy mom of two young children, I wanted to make sure I could capture all the beautiful and precious moments. But honestly, my photos were often only so-so. Then I discovered Pure Life Photography’s Lightroom presets and it was a gamechanger! With a few clicks, I can now transform my everyday photos into beautiful, vivid images. I’m so glad I found these magical tools as a mom!

Lisa, 31

Pure Life Photography’s Lightroom presets have taken my everyday photos to the next level. As a busy mom, I don’t always have the time to edit extensively, and yet I want to give my photos a professional look. These presets made that happen! No matter if it’s a quick photo of my kids playing or a moment of peace in our house, thanks to these presets, my photos always look great.

Emma, 38

I’m so glad I discovered Pure Life Photography’s Lightroom presets! As a mom, I try to capture as many precious memories as possible, but I always felt like my photos needed more spice and vibrancy. Thanks to these presets, I can now easily add the right mood and style to my everyday photos. It’s great to see how my photos look much more professional now. Thank you, Pure Life Photography, for improving my maternal photography!

Sofie, 32

As a travel enthusiast and mother of a toddler, I want to make sure I can take the best photos during our adventures. Pure Life Photography’s Lightroom presets have helped me tremendously with this! These presets have allowed me to enhance my travel photos and add a unique mood and style. It’s great to see my photos come to life and capture my travel experiences in a beautiful way. Thank you, Pure Life Photography, for enriching my travel photography!

Sara, 32

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I install Lightroom?2023-03-03T13:06:31+01:00

You can download this as with any App on your cell phone for free from the AppStore.

How do I download the presets?2023-03-03T13:06:26+01:00

After you purchase the presets, you will receive an email containing a ZIP file with the presets.

How should I install presets on Lightroom?2023-03-03T13:06:20+01:00

Upon purchase, you get a manual on how to install the presets. You can also find numerous videos on YouTube with clear explanations.

How do I save the photo?2023-03-03T13:06:13+01:00

You can use any photo via Lightroom export to your photos. Also, by default, the photo remains available post-processed in Lightroom.

Can I edit unlimited photos?2023-03-03T13:06:06+01:00

Yes! You buy the preset once and you can edit unlimited photos.

Can I work with Lightroom without prior knowledge?2023-03-03T13:05:59+01:00

Definitely! It’s a very intuitive app, and thanks to the presets, I remove all the difficulties for you. It is literally 1 press of a button!

Are you curious about my preset bundles?

Hello Baby

Normal price: €49

Incl. Black & White Love bundle!

The perfect bundle for post-processing fledgling family photos.

This preset bundle contains 25 presets to professionally edit your baby photos. Among other things, you will make the photos softer, better exposed & with a nice focus. Now including the Black & White Love preset bundle with 10 more presets!

OriginalHello Baby - Beach Vibes
originalHello Baby - Soft & Smooth

*NEW* Travel addict

Normal price: € 59

Early-bird price: €35

The perfect bundle for post-processing your travel & nature photos! With this bundle, I edited all my 2023 travel photos myself!

This preset bundle contains no less than 35 presets to professionally edit your photos to include more color, contrast & better exposure!

originalTravel Addict - 6
originalTravel Addict - 27