Milestone Photography Children

I’m here to capture your moments.

Hi! I am Joke, professional photographer specialized in capturing your unique family moments (pregnancy, newborn, children and the whole family). I enjoy working in my studio in the center of Vilvoorde, or I like to come to a beautiful location for an outdoor photo shoot.

Before I was pregnant I already was a photographer, but because of this drastic moment everything came together. I found the purpose of my photography. The short moments and memories of your pregnancy, the birth and your newborn baby inevitably disappears from your memory. It is such a nice feeling to be able to relive everything thanks to your precious photos. I love to photograph pregnant women , newborn babies and the most important milestones of children .

The feelings of new adventures, expectations, pregnancy, giving birth, the first priceless moments with your newborn baby, the speed with which your baby grows up, the family happiness … These moments, one by one, are moments you want to capture forever. There is no better way to cherish these moments than to have them captured on photo. And that is exactly what I want to do for you as a photographer.

How I work …

My task in photographing these unique moments goes much further than just taking photos. My clients don’t just come to me for taking pictures, but for the Pure Life Experience. And I will go above and beyond. My customers love that I am easy going and my ability to create a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing is a must, anything is allowed. I own exclusive maternity dresses (in different styles, sizes and colors), different hair bands, hats, fabrics, backgrounds and other accessories to create unique photos and offer the best service every time. I work with a great make-up artist who can make you shine even after a sleepless night. You don’t have to worry about anything after booking the photo shoot. I will capture a unique moment in time and the emotions that go with it that you will cherish throughout your life.

My goal is not just to create photos, but to give those photos a place in your life. Enjoying an evening in the sofa, with a view of your beautiful family photos on the mantelpiece. Take pleasure in browsing through the baby album with your son or daughter within 5, 10, 15 years … There is nothing nicer and cozier than that! And if your son or daughter leaves the house within 20 years and settles down, they can continue to cherish their albums with all the wonderful memories and pass them on to the next generations.

Photographer Joke Van Eeghem

Fun Facts

  • I met my husband Bram 11 years ago while on vacation in India
  • Together we lived in Curacao for 7 years. Our son Noah was born there, and I found a way to be true to myself.
  • I grew up in Bruges
  • I love to travel, preferably as far, as simple and tranquil as possible
  • I adore to hug with baby’s and sooth crying babies.
  • I used to dream of becoming a fashion designer for Disney, now I still love going to Disneyland
  • Beauty makes me happy, and I see it in everything!