I am Joke – the woman behind the lens of Pure Life Photography. Welcome to my world of capturing moments and making memories. As a photographer, I have the honor of capturing my clients’ two most important life moments: the arrival of new life and the growth of beautiful children.

I’d like to share a personal story with you. After three years of trying, I finally became pregnant, but unfortunately I did not feel well during my pregnancy. I was suffering from extreme nausea. Despite that, I can still vividly remember one moment of my pregnancy where I could really enjoy myself: my own maternity photo shoot. I hadn’t actually thought about capturing that special moment myself, but my best friend surprised me with it. It was a fantastic experience that I wish for everyone. When my son Noah was finally born, I was on a pink cloud. My body felt “normal” again, with no symptoms, and I was able to fully enjoy this beautiful little creature that my husband and I had created together.

Thanks to this special experience, I felt that all the puzzle pieces fell into place. Although I had been working as an all-round photographer for many years, after my pregnancy and the arrival of Noah, I realized that I needed to focus on what really matters. Celebrating life and capturing those special moments for others!

Unfortunately, the precious moments and memories of your pregnancy, childbirth and newborn baby often fade in your (fatigue- and hormone-influenced) memory. That’s why it’s such a great feeling to be able to relive everything thanks to treasured photos. So my greatest passion is photographing pregnant women, newborn babies and the most important milestones in children’s lives.

The feeling of new adventures, expectations, pregnancy, childbirth, the first priceless moments with your newborn baby, the rapid growth of your child and the happiness of the family…. These are all moments where you want to hold on to time and emotions. There is no better way to cherish these moments than to capture them in photographs. And that is exactly what I want to do for you as a photographer.

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“I am your personal storyteller, ready to capture your most cherished moments for eternity.”

Welcome to my world of photography and experience …

My role in capturing these unique moments goes beyond just taking pictures. My clients come to me for a complete experience. I am always fully committed to providing this.

My clients appreciate my relaxed approach and creating a laid-back atmosphere. The usual stress that comes with doing something you’ve never done before quickly disappears through the tips and tricks I like to share. Nothing is mandatory, everything is possible.

I have exclusive maternity dresses in different styles, sizes and colors, as well as hair ties, fabrics, backgrounds and other accessories. This allows me to create unique photos and provide the best service every time.

I optionally work with talented makeup artists who will make sure you shine, even after a sleepless night. When you book a photo shoot, you don’t have to worry about anything. I capture a unique moment in time, including the accompanying emotions, that you will cherish forever.

Photographer Joke Van Eeghem
Photographer Joke Van Eeghem

My mission …

My mission goes beyond just creating photos, it’s about giving those photos a meaningful place in your life. I am happy to help you choose the perfect photo product to fit your lifestyle.

Imagine… Cozy up with your children on the couch while your beautiful family photos show off on the mantelpiece. In 5, 10, 15 years with your son or daughter flipping through their baby album…. There is nothing more beautiful and cozy than that!

And when your son or daughter leaves home in 20 years and finds his or her own place, they can continue to cherish those albums of precious memories and pass them on to future generations.

Let me help you transform your precious moments into tangible memories that will last a lifetime.