Are you expecting and already know that your baby will outgrow that newborn phase in no time? Are you sure you want to have just that tender and magical moment captured? Then it is best to book the photo shoot already during your pregnancy. This way you can be sure that enough space is provided in my calendar, to take care of your photo shoot. Because … Those typical newborn photos, with a sweetly sleeping baby in the most adorable poses, those are best taken when your baby is between 5 – 18 days old. After that, unfortunately, it is no guarantee that your baby will still sleep as flexibly and smoothly as in the beginning.

Of course it is a guideline! Do you have a baby who was born (much) prematurely? Then, of course, it makes sense to first wait until your baby is strong enough. I myself have the “rule” that a baby must weigh at least 3 kg during the shoot. A good guideline is also not to look at how old the baby is then, but to calculate from the due date. Because around that time, your baby will probably weigh about 3kg :-).

Do you only think about it during your maternity period that you would really like to have this moment captured after all? Of course, that’s no problem either! It is therefore an incredibly important moment to capture! Be sure to contact me as soon as possible so we can schedule an appointment. No matter how old your baby is, I am always happy to photograph him/her. The type of photos can be different, of course, depending on the age of the baby. But every age and jump has its charm and are worth photographing!

I offer 2 types of newborn photo shoots. On the one hand, the New Family photo shoot, where I focus entirely on taking family photos. The love and connection is established between the parents and the baby (and any siblings). On the other hand, I also have the Ultimate Newborn photo shoot. This photo shoot will include photos of your baby alone as well as family photos. So the most complete option!

Is your baby already several months old and thus outgrown the newborn phase? Then I have the fun Lovely Milestone package, where I lovingly photograph that delightful giggle from your child.

Would you like more information about my (newborn) baby photography? Then be sure to take a look at my offerings!

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me. I will help you with much love!