Last year I received an email from Steffie asking if I wanted to photograph her pregnancy. Of course I wanted that with great pleasure, but unfortunately, preeclampsia & premature birth of her baby daughter put a stop to that. So on January 1, Eline was born a tiny girl. After a long period, Steffie and Eline were finally released from the hospital and were able to start their lives at home.

Since the maternity shoot could not take place, we had converted it to a newborn photo shoot. So I was incredibly pleased to welcome the brand new little family to my studio for their Loving Arms photo shoot.

Eline didn’t feel very much like it, but in between crying and feeding, the set-up for family photos worked out anyway. When I ask Steffie about her favorite part of the shoot, she replies, “The full 5 minutes that Eline didn’t cry or want her tut.” Indeed, it didn’t last much longer, but fortunately enough to take nice pictures.

When I ask her about tips for future clients of mine, she replies, “Let it go!” That, in my opinion, is also the best advice. Babies are not in your control, you can hope things will go smoothly during a newborn photo shoot, but it is always very unpredictable. We can only conform to the baby & make it as nice as possible for him/her. Patience is essential in this regard (fortunately for babies I have it inexhaustible :-)).

During the photo shoot, Eline was almost 4 months old, but due to her premature birth, she was still very small. I find it so incredibly beautiful to photograph babies in the loving arms of their parents. Either way, they are moments to cherish forever as a parent.

Joke is a top lady with angelic patience. Thanks to her professionalism, we had beautiful photos of our little sprout. Moreover, Joke is enormously flexible. Due to the COVID crisis, preeclampsia & a premature birth, we had to change our entire plan. Joke went along with this perfectly, was empathetic and looked for solutions with us.

Are you also pregnant and interested in a newborn photo shoot? Then be sure to take a look at this page & contact me for more information.

Kind regards,

Joke Van Eeghem
0478 16 44 98