2 days before the photo shoot

  • If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating certain foods. See this blog post For more information.

1 day before the photo shoot

  • Do not schedule any vaccinations on this day.

  • Stimulate your baby so that she is extra tired the next day.

The day of the photo shoot

  • Feed your baby 3 hours before the photo shoot

  • Try to keep your baby awake for the shoot, but not over-stimulate.

  • Make sure the nappy is not too tight and that the clothes are loose and easy to take off.

  • Give your baby a complete feed just before the shoot.

  • What to prepare? bottle with extra milk, favorite blanket, pacifier, extra diapers and wet wipes.

During the photo shoot

  • I am using a white-noise app. Do you have a sound that your baby knows well? then get it ready so we can use it.

  • Turn off phones or other distractions.

  • Keep in mind that photo sessions can often be long and tiring. The ideal time to completely unwind yourself.