Change your baby with a fresh, clean diaper before the photo shoot and final feed. Put it on loosely so that no pressure spots on the skin are visible. There is no need to dress your baby completely again. Just put on your baby a diaper and wrap him / her in a blanket or put your baby on comfortable clothes (which are easy to take off). Suppose the baby falls asleep during the feeding or the car ride, then we can still easily remove the clothes without having to wake the baby. This ensures a smoother transition. Would you like a special outfit? Then put your baby on this outfit and we will photograph him / her first.

Will you, as a mom, also be on the picture? Then you can use my collection of maternity dresses. Even without a pregnancy belly, these are beautiful for mom-baby photos. We can discuss which dress you will wear in advance. Avoid jewelry overload. It is recommended to wear make-up, especially mascara, but always avoid excess. Chances are that your hands will be visible, so try to have your hands as cared for as possible. Match the clothing of your partner and children to the style and colors of your chosen dress. Make sure the colors are solid and soft. Avoid bright colors, logos and busy prints. Have everyone’s clothes match each other as well as possible. It is warm in the room where we will be photographing, so take this into account when choosing clothing.

Keep in mind that clothes might get dirty if your naked baby decides to pee. So always make sure you have spare clothes.

Dads should wear a plain t-shirt / shirt and nice dressed pants. My personal preference is for a black t-shirt and / or cream-colored shirt. Do you have special tattoos, for example? Then it can give a very nice effect to take a picture with your baby bare-chested.

For the brothers I recommend putting on jeans, bare feet and bare torso or a simple t-shirt. Are you wearing a stylish dress yourself? Then let your son wear nice pants and a simple shirt, with nicely dressed shoes.

For the sisters, I recommend having some of her favorite dresses ready. Then we choose together which dress best suits the whole.