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Newborn photography


The moment your baby comes into the world really changes everything. Before birth, you are just yourself, but once your baby is born, you go through a total transformation. Your whole reason for existence changes completely. It’s like a whole new world opens up to you and you suddenly realize that your life before the arrival of your baby wasn’t really all that special at all!

At my newborn photo shoot, I take all the worries out of your hands. You can take a moment to relax and realize how wonderful it is that you have brought such a wonderful miracle into the world. Depending on the package you choose, I will take photos of your baby alone and/or with siblings and/or with mom and dad.

I want to capture those proud and loving feelings that exist between mom, dad and baby. Those moments just can’t be put into words. They always say a picture says more than a thousand words, don’t they? Well, I promise you that my photos will perfectly capture the essence of your bond .

You may not be immediately eager to get your own picture taken, but think about how great it will be to look back at those photos 10 years from now. Your little one will be so proud of his/her handsome mommy and daddy! If you want, you can choose a dress from my collection. Oh, and I also have all kinds of accessories to make the photo shoot extra special. Together we are just going to take the most beautiful photos of your new little family!

It is super important to me that you are satisfied with my newborn photography. I understand that this is a special and vulnerable time, so I make sure you are completely comfortable during the shoot. My goal is to capture timeless memories.

Don’t wait any longer and book your unforgettable newborn photo shoot today!


Newborn photo shoots

In my newborn photo shoots, I focus on babies who are under 6 weeks old (unless your baby was born prematurely). But don’t worry if your baby is older, I still photograph him/her with the same love and joy! In that case, I recommend choosing a Milestone photo shoot. That way we can capture the special moments and milestones of your growing baby.

New Family Love

A photo report in which we reflect on your early family happiness. The bond between your newborn and yourself as a brand new parent is captured during this smooth, fast newborn photo shoot. Family photos will be taken, so of course big brother(s) & sister(s) are welcome too!

  • A 1-hour photo shoot

  • In the studio

  • Online photo gallery from which additional photos can be ordered.

  • Includes 10 digital photos

  • Reserve a date for this photo shoot approximately 10 days after your due date. But don’t worry, the chosen date is always flexible and can be adjusted if needed. We want to make sure we have the best timing to capture your little one’s beautiful moments.

Or do you still have questions, does the availability not fit …?Feel free tocontact me!

Ultimate Newborn

The best way to create beautiful, lasting memories of the early moments with your newborn baby. Both photos of your baby alone are taken in different settings, but photos are also taken in the parents’ arms & of course big brother(s)/sister(s) are also welcome at this photo shoot.

  • During this session we follow the flow of your baby.

  • In the studio

  • Online photo gallery from which additional photos can be ordered.

  • Includes 20 digital photos

  • Reserve a date for this photo shoot approximately 8 days after your due date. But don’t worry, the chosen date is always flexible and can be adjusted if needed. We want to make sure we have the best timing to capture your little one’s beautiful moments.

Or do you still have questions, does availability not fit …?
Feel free to contact me!

Double happiness: book your maternity and newborn photo shoot now
and receive a FREE themed photo shoot worth 165 euros!

Are you planning to book both a maternity and newborn photo shoot? Great news! As a thank you for the trust you put in me, I would like to surprise you with a special gift. Book both shoots and you will receive a FREE themed photo shoot of your choice worth 165 euros. It’s my way of spoiling you extra and thanking you for choosing me. Together we will create unforgettable memories during these special moments in your life.

How then? Reserve a spot in my calendar right away for both your maternity and newborn photoshoot. After your newborn photo shoot, you will receive a special email with all the details about the FREE themed photo shoot you will receive as a gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When should I book my newborn photo shoot?2023-03-03T13:06:51+01:00

It is recommended to book your photo shoot as soon as you are sure you want to capture a photo shoot at Pure Life Photography. In fact, I only have a few spots available each month. This way I can guarantee that the photo shoot will be fully personalized and we will have plenty of time to plan the photo shoot, make arrangements. Has your baby been born yet? Then don’t hesitate to contact me, I may still have a spot available for you!

When is my baby best photographed?2023-11-27T22:15:54+01:00

For a newborn photo shoot, it is generally recommended to schedule the session within the first two weeks of the baby’s birth. Preferably, the photo shoot takes place between the fifth and tenth day. During this time, newborns usually sleep deeper and have a more folded sleeping position, which is beneficial for the artistic poses often used during newborn photo shoots.

Within the first two weeks, babies also still have that characteristic flexibility they had in the womb, making it easier to put them in cute positions without discomfort. In addition, babies at this age can still have a kind of natural curl like they had in the womb, which can also benefit the photo shoot.

However, it is important to consider the baby’s health. If the baby has health problems or if the mother had complications during delivery, it may be necessary to adjust the timing of the photo shoot. It is always advisable to inform me in advance of any specific circumstances so that they can plan the session accordingly.

How can I best prepare for the photo shoot?2023-03-10T09:47:13+01:00

About a week before the photo shoot, you will receive a detailed email from me with various tips to prepare for our photo shoot. Be sure to check out my blog already for fun articles in preparation for our photo shoot.

Do I need to bring my own accessories or props for my newborn photo shoot?2023-06-10T18:58:11+02:00

No, that’s not necessary at all. I have a studio for props & fun accessories.
If you have your own (sentimental) props or accessories that you would like to incorporate into the photo shoot, that is of course possible.

When and how do I get to see the photos from the photo shoot?2023-03-10T09:46:59+01:00

After the photo shoot, I make a wide selection of the best photos. These photos will be posted on an online gallery and sent to you via email. From this gallery you can select your favorite photos and order any extras. Your favorite photos I will manually edit for you. As soon as your photos are finished, I will repost them in the online gallery and send you a download link.

Can I keep my photos private?2023-06-10T18:58:13+02:00

Of course you can. Before our photo shoot, I will provide you with a questionnaire asking your permission whether or not I may share your photos on social media (with or without attribution). If you give me permission to share one or more photos, you will have a chance to win a free print of your favorite photo worth 30 euros.

Is it possible to receive the original/unedited photos after the photo shoot?2023-11-27T21:57:16+01:00

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the original, unedited photos. My process includes carefully selecting and editing the images to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

What is the price for extras?2023-11-27T21:58:45+01:00

The price list for extras such as additional digital photos, photo albums and wall art can be found at this link.