Clothing tips for your maternity photo shoot

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During your maternity photo shoot you want to shine like never before, because it is of course a special occasion! That is precisely why I have lovingly collected an extensive collection of maternity dresses and outfits over the years. This way you can be sure that you will find the outfit you want in my collection. Most of my collection can be found on my website or you can of course see it on my portfolio. For your photo shoot I would like to welcome you to my studio where you can already take a look at the

Clothing tips for your family photo shoot!

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A question I often get asked is, "what's the best attire to wear during our family photo shoot?". To clear your doubts, I like to write this article. Here you can easily find all the do's and don'ts! The most important tip: Be yourself! Less is more We want to take timeless photos, so try to wear timeless clothes too. Simplicity is always best, when in doubt, think "Less is More"! Avoid patterns and stripes, as they can interfere with other elements in your portrait. Avoid logos, they can be very distracting and draw attention to themselves. Take the

Oh, what should I wear?

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Oh, what should I wear? This is probably the number one question we get asked before a photo shoot. It can be pretty confusing and stressful trying to decide what outfits would be best for your photography session ... but worry not! This blog will help you with styling tips and tricks to select clothing options for a perfect outcome on photo day. First and foremost, BE YOU! Your clothing choices should allow you to be yourself and reflect your family. Complementing Family Outfits Gone are the days of 1990s family portraits where

Breastfeeding Guide

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This list is a helpful guide to common foods to avoid while breastfeeding. These foods usually affect babies under 6 weeks of age. As your baby gets older, you can use the foods one at a time to see if it affects your baby. Every baby is different, so consult your pediatrician if you notice that your baby is experiencing too much colic. To make the photo shoot as smooth as possible, I recommend not to use the following foods at least 2 days in advance: Citric acid foods and drinks such as: cranberries Pineapple Grapefruit oranges lemons strawberries

Checklist for a successful newborn photo shoot

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2 days before the photo shoot If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating certain foods. See this blog post For more information. 1 day before the photo shoot Do not schedule any vaccinations on this day. Stimulate your baby so that she is extra tired the next day. The day of the photo shoot Feed your baby 3 hours before the photo shoot Try to keep your baby awake for the shoot, but not over-stimulate. Make sure the nappy is not too tight and that the clothes are loose and easy

Preparation for a newborn session

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As a parent of a newborn baby, everything is dominated by him / her. You are very grateful for your baby and of course you want to capture those first moments on photos. That way you can always recall those special memories later. I want our photo session to be a joyful experience, without stress. Because I know how stressful a photo shoot can be, especially if you have had little or no sleep, I have put together some tips to help you get through the preparation quickly. If something is not clear and / or you still have

How to choose the right outfit for your maternity photo shoot?

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Obviously, maternity photos are not something you take every day. Therefore, it is obviously important to think in advance about what look you would like in the photos. Here are some ideas that you probably have in your own closet: Lingerie Men's Shirt A shirt or shirt with buttons that you can open from below Dresses Sweaters / cardigan t-shirts fabric The most important thing is that your belly is nicely accentuated. You can do this by either wearing tight clothing like a dress, or just loose items like a men's shirt, where you let your belly peek out.

A good preparation for a pregnancy photo shoot

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A pregnancy photo shoot is best scheduled when you are between 7-8 months pregnant. Then your stomach is nice and round, but you (hopefully) do not have many other ailments yet. However, every situation is unique; if you are expecting multiple births or are on bed rest, it is recommended to do the photo shoot earlier (between 6-7 months). Do you have a small, almost invisible stomach and no further complaints? Then it is recommended to wait until the 8-9th month. The most important thing is that you feel good and that your belly can be clearly visible. During

Waarom voor een professionele fotograaf kiezen?

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Iedereen om je heen heeft een digitale spiegelreflexcamera en wellicht ook de nieuwste / beste GSM. Dus waarom zou je een professioneel fotograaf inhuren? Want zij kunnen makkelijk en gratis jouw zwangerschap en baby fotograferen, toch? Hoewel het uiteraard je eigen beslissing is, hoe je deze bijzondere weken wilt laten vastleggen, geloof ik er rotsvast in dat het inhuren van een ervaren professional de beste manier is om gegarandeerd prachtige resultaten te verkrijgen. Hou er vooral altijd rekening mee dat foto’s blijvend zijn, en dus van onschatbare waarde worden na verloop van tijd ... Geloof het of niet, maar mijn