Motherhood – Model Call

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I am looking for a mom with her baby (girl or boy) for a motherhood photo shoot to expand my portfolio. Prerequisites: the baby (girl or boy) is between 6 - 11 months old. the mom is comfortable being photographed as well. the shoot will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 7 (time to be mutually agreed upon). I work out the photo report according to my idea. Photo shoot details: continues in my studio at the Kruitfabriek in Vilvoorde. the shoot will last about 30 min. the bond between mom and baby is the focus of the photo shoot.

Newborn Happiness – Baby Mini Shoots

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During the "Newborn Happiness" mini-shoot, the relationship between your (newborn) baby and yourself is captured in my photo studio. The pure, real emotions and feelings are captured. It is the time to reflect on the beautiful miracle you have brought into the world. Pictures are taken of mommy with baby, daddy with baby and both parents with baby. If there are brothers or sisters, we can also take a family photo. Please note, would you like photos of the brothers / sisters & the baby separately? Book a Loving Arms photo shoot, during this shoot there is more time

Breastfeeding Guide

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This list is a helpful guide to common foods to avoid while breastfeeding. These foods usually affect babies under 6 weeks of age. As your baby gets older, you can use the foods one at a time to see if it affects your baby. Every baby is different, so consult your pediatrician if you notice that your baby is experiencing too much colic. To make the photo shoot as smooth as possible, I recommend not to use the following foods at least 2 days in advance: Citric acid foods and drinks such as: cranberries Pineapple Grapefruit oranges lemons strawberries

Checklist for a successful newborn photo shoot

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2 days before the photo shoot If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating certain foods. See this blog post For more information. 1 day before the photo shoot Do not schedule any vaccinations on this day. Stimulate your baby so that she is extra tired the next day. The day of the photo shoot Feed your baby 3 hours before the photo shoot Try to keep your baby awake for the shoot, but not over-stimulate. Make sure the nappy is not too tight and that the clothes are loose and easy

Preparation for a newborn session

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As a parent of a newborn baby, everything is dominated by him / her. You are very grateful for your baby and of course you want to capture those first moments on photos. That way you can always recall those special memories later. I want our photo session to be a joyful experience, without stress. Because I know how stressful a photo shoot can be, especially if you have had little or no sleep, I have put together some tips to help you get through the preparation quickly. If something is not clear and / or you still have

Welkom Félien, een newborn fotoshoot aan huis in Grembergen!

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Een tijdje geleden hield ik, samen met With Baby Love een toffe win-actie. Shauni was de gelukkige winnares en won een newborn fotoshoot! Ze was op 15 januari (mijn verjaardag) uitgerekend. Haar dochtertje liet wat op zich wachten, maar uiteindelijk werd haar prachtige meisje op 20 januari geboren. Ze kreeg de mooie naam Félien. Het eerste wat in Shauni opkwam toen ze haar dochter mocht ontmoeten was "Wat een mooi en groot kindje" en natuurlijk tranen van geluk. Ik kon niet wachten om bij hen thuis een mooie newborn fotoshoot te verzorgen. Toen Félien 9 dagen oud was, was het

Cool baby and child pop-up store With Baby Love in Dendermonde!

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A while ago, through a very fun Facebook group for women entrepreneurs, I was introduced to Nicky, the owner of pop-up and shop With Baby Love. With Baby Love is a concept store, started in 2017, with fun Belgian brands for hip moms and their babies. Since October 2019, a pop-up store can also be found in Dendermonde. Following that, With Baby Love also offers a birth list, catering to today's busy schedules. In doing so, Nicky offers a very fine service. In fact, she will come to your home with fun goodies and guide you through the fun,