Model Call – Pregnancy

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On Tuesday, March 7 & Wednesday, March 8 between 9:30am-12pm, I am looking for 3 pregnant moms of foreign origin who are then approximately between 28 - 35 weeks pregnant for a maternity photo shoot. This is to expand my portfolio. Apart from several new fabrics, dresses & backgrounds, I also gained new knowledge in terms of lighting during the photo shoot & of course I want to create new portfolio material with that. I also want to make behind the scenes videos so I can use this as marketing material after the shoot. The photo shoot will take

Pure Belly Mini Sessions

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We celebrate your pregnancy during the exclusive Pure Belly Styled Mini Shoot ! I let you experience how beautiful you are as a future mom. You will be styled with a beautiful outfit from my exclusive maternity dress collection. You will no doubt shine & together we will create beautiful, lasting memories. Practical information Only 5 spots available per month! Book your spot when you are between 7-8 months in your pregnancy. Available dates: Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Thursday, March 30 from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 2, from 7 p.m. -

Maternity photo shoot of the radiant Joke in Pellenberg, Leuven

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I did my last photo shoot of 2019 with Joke at the Château de Maurissens in Pellenberg, near Leuven. Joke was 34 weeks pregnant at the time and looking radiant. Our photo shoot turned into a very fun pregnancy shoot. I took pictures of Joke alone, as well as of her together her partner Ruud. We were lucky with the beautiful fall weather. The sun was out in full force. It delivered exactly the result I was hoping for! Joke says, "I didn't feel especially 'beautiful' during my pregnancy because of the weight I had gained and I really

Maternity photo shoot with Shirley in Londerzeel

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In early January, I had the 31-week pregnant Shirley in front of my lens. It turned out to be a really fun pregnancy shoot, which took place in a forest & park in Londerzeel. Shirley enjoyed the photo shoot, she loved getting to wear the different dresses & paying extra attention to her baby belly. That Shirley enjoyed her pregnancy to the fullest is certain. She got all peaceful from looking at her belly & seeing her baby moving in her belly. Like any pregnant woman, Shirley obviously had a craving, hers was bell pepper chips. She also regularly

Een heerlijk, kleurrijke & speelse Milk Bath Zwangerschap Fotoshoot met Lorraine!

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Begin februari sprak ik af met Lorraine, toen 35 weken zwanger van een mooie kleine meid. We spraken af bij mijn ouders thuis, want we hadden het leuke en creatieve idee om een melkbad fotoshoot te doen! Het is eens iets anders! Lorraine had zelf verschillende leuke ideeën die we uitvoerden tijdens de shoot! Lorraine is fotomodel, dus de shoot ging erg vlot! Ze bracht zelf allerlei setjes lingerie mee (waar ze stiekem verslaafd aan is) & leuke accessories; denk aan gekleurde ballen, sinaasappels & citroenen, bloemen, gekleurde bruisballen, confetti ... Met de sinaasappels en citroenen in bad vond

A lovely sunny maternity photo shoot in Aalst with Jana!

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In early December, I met with Jana, then 7 months pregnant with a sweet boy. We had a very beautiful, sunny photo shoot in a beautiful park in Aalst. Photo shoots I always try to schedule on a sunny day & also this time we were lucky with the beautiful fall weather. The sun was out in full force. We planned the shoot early in the morning, allowing us to take full advantage of the beautiful sunshine. It delivered exactly the result I was hoping for! Also, the location was beautiful! Jana's favorite part of the shoot was posing

A super fun maternity & family photo shoot in the Hoboken Polders, Antwerp!

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In late November, I had the 33-week pregnant Lindsay in front of my lens. Since Lindsay is from Breda, we agreed to meet "in the middle," namely in the Hoboken Polders in Antwerp. She came with her husband & 2 beautiful daughters. Our photo shoot turned into a very fun pregnancy shoot. I took pictures of Lindsay alone, as well as her together with her daughters & her husband. We were lucky with the beautiful fall weather. The sun was out in full force. Despite the sun, it was barkou, but Lindsay's family held strong :-). It delivered exactly

How to choose the right outfit for your maternity photo shoot?

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Obviously, maternity photos are not something you take every day. Therefore, it is obviously important to think in advance about what look you would like in the photos. Here are some ideas that you probably have in your own closet: Lingerie Men's Shirt A shirt or shirt with buttons that you can open from below Dresses Sweaters / cardigan t-shirts fabric The most important thing is that your belly is nicely accentuated. You can do this by either wearing tight clothing like a dress, or just loose items like a men's shirt, where you let your belly peek out.

A good preparation for a pregnancy photo shoot

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A pregnancy photo shoot is best scheduled when you are between 7-8 months pregnant. Then your stomach is nice and round, but you (hopefully) do not have many other ailments yet. However, every situation is unique; if you are expecting multiple births or are on bed rest, it is recommended to do the photo shoot earlier (between 6-7 months). Do you have a small, almost invisible stomach and no further complaints? Then it is recommended to wait until the 8-9th month. The most important thing is that you feel good and that your belly can be clearly visible. During

Een zonnige en kleurrijke zwangerschapsfotoshoot met Marissa in Antwerpen

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Eind november sprak ik af met Marissa in de Hobokense Polders in Antwerpen voor een leuke zwangerschapsfotoshoot. Marissa had een erg korte zwangerschap, want pas toen ze 6 maanden zwanger was, was ze van haar zwangerschap op de hoogte. Een hele fijne en onverwachtse verrassing dus, die kleine jongen van haar! De fotoshoot verliep erg vlot, het was prachtig herfstweer, met een stralende zon. Als ik vraag aan Marissa wat ze het leukste onderdeel van de fotoshoot vond, antwoord ze: "Het gevoel dat ik kreeg van Joke. Het gevoel dat je op dat moment de belangrijkste persoon bent. Een