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2023-02-15T09:58:51+01:00February 15th, 2023|Personal projects, Pregnancy, Specials|

On Tuesday, March 7 & Wednesday, March 8 between 9:30am-12pm, I am looking for 3 pregnant moms of foreign origin who are then approximately between 28 – 35 weeks pregnant for a maternity photo shoot. This is to expand my portfolio. Apart from several new fabrics, dresses & backgrounds, I also gained new knowledge in terms of lighting during the photo shoot & of course I want to create new portfolio material with that. I also want to make behind the scenes videos so I can use this as marketing material after the shoot.

The photo shoot will take place on Tuesday, March 7 or Wednesday, March 8, between 9:30am-12pm. I need min. 30 min per person, but of course you may stay longer. The hour I meet with you, we determine by mutual agreement :-).

What do you have to comply with?

  • Feel like posing and shining in photos
  • Being pregnant, with a nice visible belly (ideally between 28-35 weeks)
  • I am looking for women with dark skin color / different ethnicities / religions (e.g. wearing headscarf)
  • A nice look
  • Experience is definitely not a must

The photo shoot takes place in my photo studio at the Kruitfabriek in Vilvoorde. I work out the photo report according to my idea. Think beautiful colorful flapping fabrics, elegant poses, colorful backgrounds, innovative lighting …

As a thank you for the photo session, you will receive this session and 3 digital photos.
Any photo products and/or additional digital photos can be ordered in addition if desired, but it is certainly not a must.
Of course, you must agree that I may start using the photos taken for my portfolio on my social media/website. Sign up no later than February 27, on February 28 I will notify you via email if you have been chosen for the photo shoot. So be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox!

Fill out the form below to sign up!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Kind regards,
    Joke Van Eeghem

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