Remember that white week in February? When it was snowing so beautifully? I really couldn’t resist posting a call on my Social media looking for some pregnant ladies for a fun maternity photo shoot in the snow. I never expected to get much response, but I ended up photographing not 1 but 6 ladies in the snow! What heroes all, because it was freezing cold!

1 of these ladies was Cátia. She drove from Antwerp to my studio, she chose her favorite outfits & we went to shoot right in front of my door in the snow. Each time we went back inside after 5 minutes to warm up by my fireplace & put on another outfit.

When I ask Cátia about her favorite part of the shoot, she replies, “I don’t have a favorite part. I liked everything super much! It was my first shoot. Thanks to Joke, everything felt so easy, she told me how to pose. Thanks to her, I had more self-confidence.”

Before the photo shoot, Cátia, like many women, did suffer from some stress, as it was her first photo shoot & she was afraid of not being good enough (photogenic). I hear that a lot, and I find that so incredibly unfortunate. I really fully believe that everyone is photogenic, because during a photo shoot it’s not only about how you look, but also how comfortable you feel, and of course the photographer has a lot to do with that ;-). And if 1 person is definitely photogenic, it is Cátia. Just see her beaming in the photos below this text!

I thoroughly enjoyed the maternity shoot & of course am happy to share some of the results!

Joke puts you very much at ease during the shoot. She is a very professional photographer. It was very nice to have this experience with her.

I also really enjoy making a beautiful video of each photo shoot.

Are you also pregnant and likewise interested in a maternity photo shoot? Then be sure to take a look at this page & contact me for more information.

Kind regards,

Joke Van Eeghem
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