After a very nice pregnancy shoot with mom Mieke and a baby born in full 1st lockdown, I was happy to welcome Milian for his first birthday photo shoot in my photo studio in Vilvoorde!

I had already prepared the decor; we chose a relatively neutral background, with some gold accents. The photo shoot became a great pleasure! For smash the cake photo shoots, I also provided different outfits in my studio, like the one Milian is wearing in the photos. That way, you don’t have to spend extra money on outfits that your child may never wear again.

When I ask Mieke, what was her favorite part of the photo shoot, she replies, “Splashing in the bathtub was super fun. Milian amused himself and was constantly laughing. Very nice to see.” This part of the smash the cake photo shoot is secretly my favorite part, too. After breaking the cake, the baby is placed in a tub of bath foam. Most little kids think bath time is super fun, and overwhelmingly so did Milian.

When I ask if Mieke has any tips for future clients of mine, she says the following: “Let your child get used to the texture of the cake already. Many children don’t like the texture or find it weird. Funny pictures do come out, but of course you want nice pictures where they are happy and smiling. My tip is to possibly have a cupcake made with the same texture as the real cake from the photo shoot is going to be. Let your child get used to it already by letting them hit it and taste it.” This is also an absolute must in my opinion! I often get little kids who are not used to “fiddling” with food, and suddenly, at a smash the cake photo shoot they are expected to get dirty … Of course, in their minds, that’s a little weird … So practice beforehand :-)!

It was a very enjoyable photo shoot. I was a little worried at first that my little son wouldn’t like it. But thanks to Joke’s calm and cheerful approach, it went very well. We had so many beautiful photos that it was hard for me to choose. We live in Limburg but for Joke’s photos we like to travel a little further. Super satisfied!

I always enjoy Smash the Cake photo shoots immensely, and Milian’s was no different. Of course, I am happy to share some of the results!

Will your child also turn 1 soon and are you also interested in a Smash The Cake photo shoot? Then be sure to take a look at this page & contact me for more information.

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