In early December, I met with Jana, then 7 months pregnant with a sweet boy. We had a very beautiful, sunny photo shoot in a beautiful park in Aalst.

Photo shoots I always try to schedule on a sunny day & also this time we were lucky with the beautiful fall weather. The sun was out in full force. We planned the shoot early in the morning, allowing us to take full advantage of the beautiful sunshine. It delivered exactly the result I was hoping for! Also, the location was beautiful!

Jana’s favorite part of the shoot was posing with the beautiful maternity clothes on. During the photo shoot, she felt very self assured and very sexy. That, of course, is exactly my intention!

When I ask Jana about tips for future moms who are also planning a shoot, she says the following: “Be proud of your pregnant belly and think carefully about which dresses you would like to wear. ”

Meanwhile, Jana gave birth to a beautiful son Vic. Congratulations!

About the name, she has another funny anecdote! They were wavering between Vic or Vince. These were the only 2 names that Jana and my partner all 2 liked. When they had decided they were going to go for Vic, Jana’s mom and her sister-in-law said they thought Vic would be a very nice name for their baby, without having said the name to them! Since then it was decided it would be Vic because we knew everyone liked that name.

Since Jana is a kindergarten teacher, she was home from the beginning of her pregnancy. As a result, some months went faster than others. In the beginning, she was very preoccupied with the nursery and arranging everything. Once everything was in place for the arrival of their little guy, she started coloring. She bought an adult coloring book and colored for at least 3-4 hours every day. It calmed her down completely. Seems like a top tip for future moms who may/can’t work during their pregnancy!

I really liked this photo shoot myself! Very fine and beautiful pregnant woman, beautiful weather & top location! Of course, I am happy to share some of the results!

Super friendly! You really put us at ease. She makes you feel really sexy.

I also really enjoy making a beautiful video of each photo shoot.

Are you also pregnant and likewise interested in a maternity photo shoot? Then be sure to take a look at this page & contact me for more information.

Kind regards,

Joke Van Eeghem
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