Remember that white week in February? When it was snowing so beautifully? I really couldn’t resist posting a call on my Social media looking for some pregnant ladies for a fun maternity photo shoot in the snow. I never expected to get much response, but I ended up photographing not 1 but 6 ladies in the snow! What heroes all, because it was freezing cold!

1 of these ladies was Leonie. During the shoot, she was 34 weeks pregnant & she has had a pregnancy with ups and downs. When I ask Leonie what her favorite moment was during the photo shoot, she replies, “I got the great opportunity to do a shoot in the snow. Cold but super cool! I also loved that I got to choose multiple dresses so I got really cool and different photos!”.

A very good tip for prospective parents who have a photo shoot planned, she has too! “Just do it! Be yourself and enjoy it! Joke directs you and absolutely makes sure you get beautiful photos!”.

Meanwhile, Leonie’s infant son was born. Congratulations to Leonie!

I thoroughly enjoyed the maternity shoot & of course am happy to share some of the results!

I thought the shoot itself was super! Joke is very friendly, spontaneous and open which makes you feel at ease right away! She directs you well in adopting poses.

I also really enjoy making a beautiful video of each photo shoot.

Are you also pregnant and likewise interested in a maternity photo shoot? Then be sure to take a look at this page & contact me for more information.

Kind regards,

Joke Van Eeghem
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