Are you expecting and want radiant photos of this special time? Then our exclusive Capture the Glow photo shoot on Friday, Feb. 23, is for you!

At Pure Life Photography, we understand how important it is to capture the beauty and joy of your pregnancy. That’s why we designed the Capture the Glow photo shoot especially for you, a unique experience you’ll cherish forever.

During this special day, you will receive a warm welcome in our photo studio. Together with talented make-up artist Lieze of Maquillarty, we will make sure you look your very best. For one hour, Lieze will pamper you with beautiful makeup and hair styling. Meanwhile, I will prepare the photo studio and select the perfect outfits for you, so you will shine like never before during the photo shoot.

The photo shoot itself takes about half an hour, during which I will enthusiastically guide you. Together we will create wonderful memories that you will cherish forever. After the photo shoot, you will receive an online photo gallery from which you can choose 5 breathtaking digital photos.

Normally, this exclusive experience would cost 100 euros for the make-up and 179 euros for the photo shoot. But especially for this event, we offer you everything for only 150 euros! However, we only have 4 spots available, so be quick to reserve your spot.

As a condition, there will be behind-the-scenes videos and we ask that you agree to use the photos online. We believe that your unique journey as a mother may be shared with the world.

Make your pregnancy a memory to remember and book your exclusive Capture the Glow photo shoot today. We look forward to working with you to capture this special time.

Book your Capture the Glow portfolio photo shoot now and let it make you shine!