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newborn photo sessions in Brussels

My goal during our photo session is not just to create photos. It’s all about giving your photos a prominent place in your life.

I believe that photography is an art.

The art of making the time of the most important events in your life stand still, so that you can experience these moments longer and more intensively.

Enjoying each others company in the sofa, with a view of your beautiful family photos on the mantelpiece. Pleasantly browsing baby albums with your son or daughter within 5, 10, 15 years … There is nothing more fun and pleasant than that!

And if your children leave the house within 20 years and settle down, they can continue to cherish their albums with all the wonderful memories, and pass them on to the next generations.

WHERE do you want to see your photos?

HOW do I want to enjoy these photos in the next 5-10 years?

WHAT look should your photos convey?

WHY do you want a photo report now?

Who are you & how can I help you?

Before the photo session, we discuss your wishes together. Have you thought about your goal of the photo shoot? Would you like a canvas of your favorite photo above the sofa, a beautiful photo album where you can experience hours of viewing pleasure or photo prints to give to grandmas / grandpas …? What is the end goal you have in mind for the photo session? Taking into account your wishes, we carefully plan the photo shoot.

I am happy to answer all your questions during our first appointment. Questions going from which clothes are best to wear, how you can integrate the photos into your interior, to the location … And most importantly … I get to know you and your family. I want to know why you love your husband so much, what adventures you have endured, what you prefer to do on a morning off, what specific traits your child has, why this pregnancy is oh so important to you …

We can make an appointment for this first meeting, either in the studio or by telephone. The best photo sessions start with great connection. If I know what is going on in your life, I can capture it for you in the best way. Tell me about your life and your purpose of the photo session, and I will add my creativity so that it becomes reality.

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The session!

This is the moment of truth. We have been looking forward and worked towards this moment all this time. During my photo shoots I get all my creativity out of the closet. Your wishes will be translated into photos as well as possible. It is my goal to make the photo-shoot as fun and relaxing as possible. Our first conversation will help you with this, no stress about what clothes to wear, about the crazy features of your children, your husband who actually doesn’t feel like it … I am already informed and will take into account everything you have already told me.

The photo shoot takes place in my photo studio or at our agreed outdoor location, at the agreed time.

Have your kids had enough at the shoot? Don’t worry about it. We are going to play a little game, betting that at that moment they are the most fun to photograph? This way their personality really comes into their own. And that authenticity is exactly what we want to capture, right?

I focus on the experience, it should be a fun experience, without worries, without stress and with beautiful results to enjoy for a lifetime.

The big reveal!

Within 2 weeks after our session, you will receive your photos via an online photo gallery. You can take a look at the photos on the basis of a slideshow. From your online gallery you can select your favorite photos.

Interested in photo-products? Let me know! I would love to invite you to my photo studio to view and feel all the products.

I will gladly help you select your favorite photos and indicate how you would like the photos to be worked out. Which photos are perfect for on the wall, how large do they need to be and how do you want them to be finished? What photos do you want in an album?

I would like to help you with a visual answer to all your questions!

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Receive your family portraits!

Approximately 3-4 weeks (depending on the order) after our last meeting, your order will be ready for collection. We agree on a day / time for this.

Once your photo products are there, it’s time to enjoy your photos eternally.

Every time you see the photos, you will remember that happy time, your children who were perfect, just the way they were …

You will cherish these photos forever.