Model Call – Pregnancy

2023-02-15T09:58:51+01:00February 15th, 2023|Personal projects, Pregnancy, Specials|

On Tuesday, March 7 & Wednesday, March 8 between 9:30am-12pm, I am looking for 3 pregnant moms of foreign origin who are then approximately between 28 - 35 weeks pregnant for a maternity photo shoot. This is to expand my portfolio. Apart from several new fabrics, dresses & backgrounds, I also gained new knowledge in terms of lighting during the photo shoot & of course I want to create new portfolio material with that. I also want to make behind the scenes videos so I can use this as marketing material after the shoot. The photo shoot will take

Motherhood – Model Call

2023-01-19T20:41:55+01:00January 19th, 2023|Newborn, Specials|

I am looking for a mom with her baby (girl or boy) for a motherhood photo shoot to expand my portfolio. Prerequisites: the baby (girl or boy) is between 6 - 11 months old. the mom is comfortable being photographed as well. the shoot will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 7 (time to be mutually agreed upon). I work out the photo report according to my idea. Photo shoot details: continues in my studio at the Kruitfabriek in Vilvoorde. the shoot will last about 30 min. the bond between mom and baby is the focus of the photo shoot.

Pure Belly Mini Sessions

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We celebrate your pregnancy during the exclusive Pure Belly Styled Mini Shoot ! I let you experience how beautiful you are as a future mom. You will be styled with a beautiful outfit from my exclusive maternity dress collection. You will no doubt shine & together we will create beautiful, lasting memories. Practical information Only 5 spots available per month! Book your spot when you are between 7-8 months in your pregnancy. Available dates: Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Thursday, March 30 from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 2, from 7 p.m. -


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Mini Shoots Did you know that I organize mini photo shoots on special occasions, such as communions, Mother's Day, Christmas ...? These are short sessions that take place at a set moment and location. On this page you will find an up-to-date overview of the upcoming mini-shoots! Interested? Sign up via the links below. Workshops & Info Sessions Also in MILD pregnancy boutique (the store with which my studio collaborates) Marijke & I regularly organize fun workshops and info sessions. Each time with one goal: to learn, have fun, and connect with like-minded people. That means you're always surrounded

Clothing tips for your maternity photo shoot

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During your maternity photo shoot you want to shine like never before, because it is of course a special occasion! That is precisely why I have lovingly collected an extensive collection of maternity dresses and outfits over the years. This way you can be sure that you will find the outfit you want in my collection. Most of my collection can be found on my website or you can of course see it on my portfolio. For your photo shoot I would like to welcome you to my studio where you can already take a look at the

Clothing tips for your family photo shoot!

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A question I often get asked is, "what's the best attire to wear during our family photo shoot?". To clear your doubts, I like to write this article. Here you can easily find all the do's and don'ts! The most important tip: Be yourself! Less is more We want to take timeless photos, so try to wear timeless clothes too. Simplicity is always best, when in doubt, think "Less is More"! Avoid patterns and stripes, as they can interfere with other elements in your portrait. Avoid logos, they can be very distracting and draw attention to themselves. Take the

Oh, what should I wear?

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Oh, what should I wear? This is probably the number one question we get asked before a photo shoot. It can be pretty confusing and stressful trying to decide what outfits would be best for your photography session ... but worry not! This blog will help you with styling tips and tricks to select clothing options for a perfect outcome on photo day. First and foremost, BE YOU! Your clothing choices should allow you to be yourself and reflect your family. Complementing Family Outfits Gone are the days of 1990s family portraits where

Hyacinths in the Kravaal forest, Asse

2022-02-17T13:30:23+01:00February 17th, 2022|Locations, East Flanders, Vlaams-Brabant|

During the spring, it has become a sport to find the most beautiful blossoms and natural beauty as a backdrop for photo shoots. Of course, hyacinths should not be missing. Last spring I went to the Kravaalbos in Asse to shoot. A lot less known as the Hallerbos, so you can take pictures in peace. Of course always with respect for the flowers. A beautiful location to shoot during the flowering season of the hyacinths.

The most beautiful place for the spring blossoms – Sint-Truiden

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My clients come from a little bit of everywhere, and I think it's important not only to offer locations near me, but I also enjoy finding new locations & using them as a backdrop for a photo shoot. Last spring I went looking for a nice place where the blossoms are the most beautiful! For this I ended up at the beautiful fruit orchards in Sint-Truiden. An absolute must for the most beautiful spring photos!

The beautiful Mechelse Broek

2022-02-17T13:07:16+01:00February 17th, 2022|Antwerp, Locations|

My clients come from a little bit of everywhere, and I think it's important not only to offer locations near me, but I also enjoy finding new locations & using them as a backdrop for a photo shoot. That is how I ended up at the Mechelse Broek, a beautiful piece of untouched nature. The ideal place for a shoot at sunset.