In October 2021, I moved my workplace from my home to a very nice storefront in the center of Vilvoorde. On the high street, along with the very fine maternity boutique MILD. The move has made me more visible, e.g. at a fair here in the street, soon the Christmas shopping etc. So the perfect time to wear a personalized t-shirt. This way, people immediately know that I am the photographer and can address me with all their questions.

When studentprinting. com asked me if I could write a blog post about their products, I thought it would be really handy, to have such a personalized t-shirt and be able to wear it at events. So I went to work on a fun, spontaneous design and ordered it through their site. Of course, I enjoyed the designing itself (so there is a designer in me). The ordering function of is very easy to use, although I found it difficult to estimate how the design would end up on the t-shirt, as no preview of the t-shirt is shown and the design area for the t-shirt seemed quite large. So ordered a bit on good luck & the day later I received the T-shirt already. As imagined, the print is quite large, but I like it. The print quality is fine, the t-shirt itself is also made of a very nice and organic fabric (which always gets extra points from me). You can design and order a personalized t-shirt through this link.

Besides a T-shirt, I also absolutely needed a new mouse pad, since I have a glass desk in my new building (and thus a mouse cannot move on it). I took a colorful picture of my little son and in no time the mouse pad was designed. Literally within 3 seconds :-), here fortunately you do get to see a preview, that way you know exactly how much of your photo is on the mat. Like the T-shirt, the ordering went very smoothly & I also received the mouse pad the next day. I am very happy with its quality. The colors are as vibrant as in the original photo. A very nice idea to personalize your workplace a little more, for very little money. Do you also want a mouse pad? Of course, you can simply order it through this link .

Below are some photos of the products & of course you can always come see them in real-life in my studio!

Written by Joke Van Eeghem